About Us

Located in Nashville, TN

Our mission at Herbivana is to help people improve their quality of life and have fun while we are doing it.  We believe CBD is the perfect, natural remedy to achieve our mission and it’s been a hidden secret for far too long.


”I began using Herbivana cream for neck pain approximately two months ago. My neck pain is actually nerve pain from a condition called Occipital Neuralgia. Within minutes after applying the cream, the pain lessened and was bearable. I was also experiencing insomnia so the CBD oil was recommended. I started sleeping through the night on the second night of use. I have been using the oil for about a month and a positive side effect is the neuralgia pain that affected my neck, face, and head is almost nonexistent. I am not taking any prescribed medications at this time for pain. I have experienced no negative effects with either the oil or cream, and both have improved my quality of life and daily functioning.”

- Charmagne Farrar